Creating favorable conditions at home ☝

Nowadays, the most valuable resource of any prosperous country is the talented, motivated and hardworking people. Migration of young people abroad is one of the main problems of the Republic of Moldova. The problem can be solved only by creating favorable conditions for youth development at home.
We believe that it is our responsibility to create such conditions in Moldova. Thus we were happy to support the organization of children's and junior's table tennis tournament led by Top Cup Academy. A modern sports complex for table tennis was built from scratch in a few months with the help of donations. Now there are going to be city and republic tournaments, and that fact will help us to grow future Olympic champions.

Grafit Holding was the general partner of the first national "Teen Table Tennis Cup" tournament, which more than 150 children and teenagers took part in. The tournament was supported and visited by our compatriot Sofia Polkanova, who is the first tennis table player of Europe, three-time Austrian champion and participant of three Olympic Games.

We wish moldovan young people to build their future at home, not abroad. So we would like to be partners of such events in the near future, to organize leisure time and develop children and young people in Moldova.
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