We got hold of the secrets of effective management from one of the most experienced SovaMax project's managers, Stanislav Maladets
He is leading a team of 6 and has understood from his own experience how to become a superhero in the universe of sales, management, and KPI.
Each one of us has two types of skills: professional skills (hard skills) and personal traits (soft skills).

· Hard Skills are the skills and knowledge that we get when studying at school and university;

· Soft Skills are the inherent skills and traits that are native to one's character.

A harmonious combination of hard and soft skills delivers a developed and successful person both in work and daily live.

Everything is clear about the professional skills: you can learn a new language or learn to drive a tram – there are precise education programs for that. As for the soft skills, a lot of people think that they can't be developed. But this is wrong!

This is a tough task but not an impossible one. Personal traits can be developed just like muscles. It's just that mental muscles have to be trained in a special way.

For instance, your goal is to become communicative. This is a big task. This is why the achievement of such goal has to be split into stages that should then be approached gradually, one by one. You can eat an elephant only piecemeal. Trying to seize the unseizable, you will most probably get discouraged and give up.

We've defined the goal. What should you do now? Here's a brief example:

- Step 1: research the information regarding this topic: books, articles, films;

- Step 2: practice the acquired knowledge with your friends, strike up acquaintances, or find like-minded people that are also lacking this skill;

- Step 3: do this on a regular basis;

- Step 4: believe in yourself and don't give up :)

In our holding, we help our employees evolve from every angle. Hard skills develop during the training period, during work, and in our internal language school, while soft skills develop on trainings from such niche professionals, as Eugene Kotov, Lorand Soares, and Adizes business institute. Moreover, our employees share their perennial experience with the newbies on their own trainings.