We sincerely believe that it's possible to work, advance, and achieve success even at home.
Moldova has its own intellectual and creative potential that can be implemented if the correct conditions are created.

Humor has an important role in the life of every person. It helps to have a simpler attitude towards problems, go through crises, stress, and generally develops a positive view of the world. Right now it's more important than ever. This is why we decided to partner with the StandUpovka stand-up club, where a team of awesome young comics share tons of humor left and right on a weekly basis.

Modern stand-up is a comedic genre that first appeared in the USA and that has comics joking in front of a live audience on any topic: relationships, everyday situations, work, or even a simple trip to a grocery store that eventually turned into a funny 20-minute monologue.

StandUpovka is a Moldavian stand-up club that was founded about a year and a half ago and breathed a new life into the stand-up comedy genre in Moldova. Stand-up artists perform in various cafes and pubs that can be visited by anyone, who wants to enjoy a show full of hot-button humor.

The comedian team consist of the guys that develop their humor in other projects, as well, including the Ukrainian "League of Laughter" (Ivan Lyulenov is a two-time champion), local Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted, "lumor" show, Zebra Show, and Comedy Chisinau. It also has residents, whose main occupation isn't related to humor: Marin Madan is a marketer, actor, and singer, while Victor Maximciuk is a doctor.

Over this period, the team managed to have over 200 funniest and cozy stand-up evenings. Before the pandemic, they set up a big 800-person show that was symbolically titled "The Last Show" and featured both local and foreign comedians – Artur Chaparyan (Russia) and Nikolay Zyryanov (Ukraine).

For us, as a holding, it is important that such art develops and Moldova sees more new talents. Then, we'll be one step closer to being better off at home.

Make sure to check out the team's social networks to have a good laugh and just spend some good time: StandUpovka.
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