The working conditions that we create are among the most comfortable in Moldova! Our team works in a modern office at the very heart of Chisinau.
Our Grafit Tower is 9 floors equipped with everything necessary for an effective and safe work, corporate events, training, and relaxation.
The first two floors are a contemporary and spacious kitchen zone with all the amenities, coolers, and 6 coffee machines that are crucial for a fresh start of the day. For those, who enjoy to have lunch away from everyone else, we created a "secret room," stylized as the Last Supper. This zone also has a three-language library.

Every floor is split on working and sanitary areas and includes locations for team meetings. All the public and working places are aerated and disinfected by an entire cleaner team on a regular basis.

On the 8th floor, we have a large functional meeting room for events with up to 100 people, while the 9th floor has a lounge zone with a roof exit. In the rest zone, the employees can use exercise machines, punch a bag, play board games, or take a rest in a massage chair. For creative employees that want to draw or leave a message for descendants, we've arranged a creative wall with a special covering.

In front of the office, we have a parking lot for 40+ vehicles for our managers and a small one for bicycles.