Saving the world from overproduction is not an easy task, especially if you do it remotely, communicating with customers in 14 different languages. However, if you think that working at Grafit Holding is stressful, we may have to disagree. On a daily basis, we work to make sure that our employees feel themselves as comfortable as possible, and we'd like to share our corporate life hacks.
  • Responsiblity

We are responsible for those, who join our team. Every single newcomer takes a free educational program that makes them familiar with the goods, our business specifics, and basics of communication with foreign customers. After we make certain that the new colleague has absorbed the theory, we give them a client base, with which they can work and gain bonuses.

  • Support

From the very beginning, every newcomer has a manager that teaches them the specifics of our work. It is important for us to not only teach you the basics, but to support an employee throughout their way entirely. The manager and the 'new player' are always dependent on each other in terms of salary, since manager's approach is directly associated with the development level of each team member.

  • Processability

All the processes go through fine-tuned mechanisms developed by our IT team. Internal software is simple and native, which gives an opportunity to work and process data easily and without any additional stress.

  • Comfortable office

We understand that resting is an important part of any work in order to avoid employees' emotional burnout. We have approached this matter with a particular attention when fitting out the office: we have a lounge room with a massage chair, beanbags, a chess table, and a training bag named Herman. In addition, our employees have access to the holding's library, where they can find both the classics and new releases in the world of business and self-development. And, yes, don't forget about a spacious kitchen with a limitless stock of coffee!

No stress at all – just love for what you do and multiple successful projects.