It's time for you to meet the holding's most "toy" company, Lanius Trading. It's toy because Lanius has been dealing with wholesale purchases and sales of brand name children's toys across all of Europe for over 6 years now.

Lanius Trading – delivering joy to the children on a wholesale scale!
The idea of creating such a project appeared after the successful launch of SovaMax and Eminia startups that have taken the leading positions in their areas. In a few years, we managed to "suffer bumps and bruises," settle a steady growth, and decided to apply a new business model in another area.

Among the potential directions, the market of children's toys seemed to have the best perspective. Thus, 4 experienced managers of SovaMax proficient in various languages have been researching this niche for the course of one year. And, in 2015, we decided to create Lanius Trading. That was a serious and ambitious project with an initial capital of 600,000 euros.

At the moment, the team consists of 16 strong and experienced managers that deal with over 197,000 toys with a volume of over 183 tons annually. The internal IT system that focuses managers' attention on communicating with the clients, leaving the routine to the computer and the automated deposit in Dortmund helps dealing with such data array.

One of the perks of Lanius is the team made of professional and ambitious young women. If you're hard-working and are ready to work in a team, you can be sure that you're going to stay there for long.

The team conducts business trips over the border, visiting international profile exhibition in Koln, Essen, and Nurnberg on a regular basis. The project pays particular attention to staff development on trainings. Managers study effective negotiation with such coaches as Lorand Soarez, Alexander Bordea, Konstantin Novikov, and Eugene Kotov.

And don't forget about team building! The company often conducts master-classes on cooking, floristics, and also regularly visits bowling, has barbecue, and team dinners – everything to have a good time and unite the team.
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