Getting a fixed salary + bonus = risk?
Many companies dealing with sales offer their managers to work only 'for a percentage'. This system has its own pros and cons. The main shortcoming of such approach is the lack of an employee's protection. No sales, no money. We consider this approach incorrect and this is why we're working by the following system: Fixed salary + bonus.
The arrangement of Grafit Holding is clear and simple:

1. Every manager receives a rate of pay – a guaranteed sum that depends on whether the plan is accomplished or not. It's important to us that the employee isn't motivated by sales percentage only but also feels confident about the future.

2. Commission – this is a bonus that is paid upon accomplishing the sale/purchase plan, KPI (Key Performance Indicator, in our case – the amount of sales/purchases). It is paid beyond the pay rate. Plan accomplished, bonus received. Plan exceeded, a bigger bonus received.

3. The work flow is set up in a way to ensure a regular receipt of the commission. Team manager's bonus depends on your successes.

This approach creates comfortable work conditions and helps focus on KPI fulfillment and overfulfillment to increase one's earnings. The win-win principle as it is. A happy employee makes a happy client.

Grafit Holding is a technological company that buys and sells B2B surplus manufacturing in the EU and the US.

We are hiring ambitious and hard-working people, who know at least one European language. In order to earn well at home, not abroad, being purpose-driven is enough. We will teach you everything else!