Success Story: the Vice President for the SovaMax project's purchase department — Maria Cliusnicov
Our today's #successstory lead is Maria Cliusnicov, the Vice President for the SovaMax project's purchase department. We found out how she got acquainted with Grafit, about her way to the Vice President position, and about the roles of SovaMax in the entire holding's perspective.
Who are you and what is your position at Grafit Holding?
My name is Maria Cliusnicov. I am the Vice President for the SovaMax project's purchase department.
Where did you study and work before joining the company?
I studied in Chisinau, at ASEM, on the Business and administration faculty. While studying, I've participated in a US exchange program for one year. I lived in an American family and was learning the language :) I had an opportunity to stay, but I wanted to go home really bad. On the one hand, that was a helpful experience, but on the other hand, no matter how cool traveling was, I want to live at home.

Before Grafit, I spent 3 years working in a Moldavian company that was providing services to Dutch companies. I managed to learn the Dutch language and obtained the first experience working with foreign customers. Besides sales, I was also partially taking care of importing and logistics, which turned out quite helpful in the current work.
How did you get to Grafit and how did your career evolve?
I saw a listing on in 2013. I made a call and got invited. I vividly remember that it was Tuesday. They told me that they'd contact me by the end of the week. I was sure that I'd get hired because I knew Dutch — a rare language for Moldova. I couldn't wait until Friday, so I called them on my own! They told me that I was hired. This is how I joined the company.

Having worked at the SovaMax project for one month, I understood that I have an opportunity to grow here and that there's room for improvement. My colleagues that have been working here for one year at the time had good clients and I decided that I should catch up with them to get to their level.

I worked as a sales representative for one year and was later promoted to senior sales representative and a year later I became the team leader. This was when my 2-year long manager path started and I later became the project's Vice President. I have 7 managers and 7 teams. That's quite a lot :) 4 teams are in Chisinau, 2 are in Kiev, and one is in Balti.

I can't say it was difficult for me. The process was organic. I've been evolving step by step. At first, I didn't have a goal of assuming a high position, I was simply interested in whatever the project was all about. I am curious by nature and this is why I've been interested in everything :) That helped me to always be involved in various processes, which is important for a manager.
What exactly does your project do and what is its role in the holding?
SovaMax is Grafit Holding's first and largest project. We purchase and sell the supplies for printers and copying machines. SovaMax opened the door to many other projects. We are proud about being a part of this!

We work with all European countries, have reinforced collaboration with the United Arab Emirates, and are trying to develop collaboration with African countries, as we see the potential capacity in this. We have plans to take over the world :)
What do you like about your work the most?
First and most important is communicating with other people. I devote particular attention to team spirit and constructive communication. Dynamicity holds the second place. We never have a dull moment. We've gotten used to working in an alert state. Everything is always quick, urgent, the deadlines are burning, but this is what keeps us on our toes. The third place goes to the result. You don't just come to work, but rather see particular results of your action. This is very enjoyable.

What helps me in terms of work with people? I am a very empathic person. It could be an impediment in life at times, but it is very helpful at work. I'm trying to listen, hear, and understand other people's positions. I always say that I learn a lot from my subordinates. We make a productive tandem :)
You don't just come to work, but rather see particular results of your action. This is very enjoyable.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I have a little child now. He is my main hobby. My family is what takes my free time.

I highly value the relationships with my loved ones and am trying to give all the time to them. And I also love to travel. I liked Spain a lot! Right now we want to go to Portugal. But we're waiting for the kid to get older, so it's more comfortable to travel.

Do I manage to keep a balance between work and personal life? Absolutely. I work at work and I rest at home :)
How do you build a successful career in the SovaMax project?
Very easily :) First off, it's important to have the desire to grow and evolve. It's crucial to be serious and responsible towards the goals set before you. You should be a positive person, look for opportunities, and have a winner's mindset.

Then, you will certainly succeed :)
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