Cristina Cîrnaț: 7 steps to avoid burnout
Nowadays, sometimes you have to work at the 200% in order to achieve success. Often, such a productive tempo has its toll and could lead to emotional burnout. At first, it's constant fatigue followed by complete exhaustion and ultimately loss of reality. We decided to talk to one of the most positive and energetic employees of the holding – Cristina Cîrnaț – and figure out how she avoids this condition.
I work in the PIM department – Product Information Management. We create databases that include all the features of the products that we buy and sell. The work is interesting but monotonous, and there are moments when you start feeling that you are approaching an emotional burnout. This moment should be monitored and measures should be taken. I'm going to share the measures below:

· Learn to stop on time. Go on a shopping spree, go on a vacation, spend time with your family. Most importantly, listen to yourself!

· Find something that motivates you and sets the right mood for your work! I, for one, like good music. This is my solace. I listen to it in the morning before work and in the evening when I leave. This is energy in its pure form!

· Take breaks. Yes, this is a bit of trivial advice, but effective nonetheless. Take a deep breath, distract yourself, have a cup of natural invigorating coffee, like we do, have a chitchat with your colleagues. Recently, our "relax" list was added with a wonderful panoramic view of Chisinau from the new office. Gymnastics for the eyes and relaxation ????

· Swap on time. Don't get fixated on the same thing or task . For example, our department works with multiple markets from Germany to the United Kingdom. Or you got tired of working with toys? Let's do something with auto parts. Sometimes, we rely to the help of massage chairs in the office that helps us switch and relax – 15 minutes and you're a new person;

· Don't overwork. By working without a normalized schedule, you get exhausted, you lose willpower and motivation, which means you're one step away from burning out. It's like driving a car with a defective piece in it: the farther you go, the greater the chance of other pieces breaking down;

· Reconsider your attitude towards the work. When interviewing new candidates, I explain that everything is going to depend on the way they will perceive their work – as boredom or as an opportunity to learn and find out something new;

· Always try something new. Every person needs new emotions. It doesn't mean you necessarily have to jump with a parachute or sign up for boxing lessons. Sign up for masterclasses, dance at home to your favorite music, meet new people, travel the country. There is no particular, unique recipe – you just have to try and find something that will suit you. Luckily, I perceive my work as a hobby and this is very helpful.

Peace of mind and balance depend on both: the environment and yourself. Do you feel that you're beginning to burn out? Reread the advice above and take care of yourself!
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