From employee to Member of Board of Directors
The next hero of our #successstory is Artiom Ojog. Reliable, composed, and thoughtful in decision making – he is all of that. Like most of the holding's top managers, Artiom has gone from a regular employee to a director, project co-founder, and now is a partner and member of Grafit Holding's executive board. We talked to Artiom and found out how he managed to succeed in his career and how he spends his free time and what he's doing in his free time.
Tell us about yourself before getting to Grafit.
After graduating from school in Chisinau at age 17, I went to Romania and started studying in a Romanian-American university in Bucharest at the faculty of Computer Science for Business Management. During 5 years of studies, I went to the USA through the Work & Travel program twice and worked in a call center while doing my Master's degree. It was an interesting experience, but it wasn't quite for me. At that moment, I didn't see myself in Bucharest, while in Moldova I saw the beginning of political and social changes in 2009. I thought to myself then that there's future at home and decided to go back. I was right.
You returned home and started looking for a job…
Not quite. It so happened that the only place I sent my CV to was Grafit Holding. I was hired right after the interview into the new department of Product Information Management (PIM), where I became the first employee. This is how my career started in the holding back in 2010.
How did you manage to become a partner and member of the executive board?
Gradually. It took me 8 years. The most important thing was that I have always been doing something new and I liked it. Everything else is a matter of technique and processes. In the very beginning, I was absorbed into the work of the PIM department. I had become the first manager there and little by little fine-tuned the department's work along with my colleagues. This was noted and I was moved to the Marketing & Sales department to solve new issues: I became responsible for online sales and promotion. Later I was promoted to the Process Engineer's position, where I was connecting IT and business departments.

Eminia Trading startup launch in 2014 is one of the most important events in my career. For the first time in my life I was a co-founder and was creating business from zero: partners, a capital, a team. Together we've been through thick and thin to put it together. Today, Eminia makes millions worth of sales annually, has over 100 employees, over 50,000 unique products in a huge storage with a surface area of 2,700 m2 in Dortmund. Having fine-tuned all the processes, I took on a new challenge and am now working within the executive board and solve issues on the level of the entire holding.
Why did Eminia grow so quick over such a short period?
It's all due to the cocktail of similar thinking, common values, correct attitude towards colleagues, and the development plan. We have initially made the right decision to hire like-minded people into the team only. It's much more comfortable and effective to work with those who understand you at a glance. I want to clarify that by saying 'fellow-thinkers' I mean good people in the general sense as well as those, who have an analytical mindset. Consequently, we saw on multiple occasions that we have chosen the right approach. This is why Eminia Trading is a successful and quickly developing project. One of the major things is that none of employees are 'scolded' for failures. We are trying to support each person since our team is a family in a way.
The modern rhythm of life and photos in social networks are creating an illusion that success is achieved simply and quickly. This is not true – you have to work and rather hard.
What does an executive board member do in their free time? Does he have any at all? :)
There's very little of it in the last year. But I'm dreaming about getting back to crossfit workouts that I've been doing for 3 years. Previously, I used to travel through Europe a lot, had a month-long vacation in Cuba and Mexico, and visited Japan, but I love Italy over all other places.

My hobby is reading books. My favorite book is "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts. A few years back I discovered Bukovsky and read all of his books over the course of summer. In terms of psychology and self-development, I found Mark Manson's "A Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" quite impressive as well as the author's style of Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor.

And, I love to spend my free time with the family and our fuzzy samoyed Misha.
What's your secret?
My secret is work and patience. The modern rhythm of life and photos in social networks are creating an illusion that success is achieved simply and quickly. This is not true – you have to work and rather hard.
Continue the phrase: "Grafit Holding is…"
The right company. There's no place for nepotism in here. If the person is thoughtfull, purpose-driven, and hard-working, then career growth and fair wage are guaranteed.
Concern for people and investment in them. We prepare specialists from ground zero, who are ready to conduct transactions from start to finish.
Diversity. We have 8 unique projects: from printer parts to children's toys.
An opportunity to earn good money. You don't believe it? Just submit your application to
A living organism that is constantly changing. We are trying to keep it young and in good shape.
Concern for ecology. We are making the world cleaner because we are solving a serious issue of overproduction. Send regards to Greta Thunberg!
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