Today we meet Agava Trading! The project can boldly be named the most active, sportive, and ecologic in Grafit Holding. The Agava team has been successfully dealing with purchasing and trading of sports equipment for bicycles, skateboards, rollers, fishing, and winter sports across all Europe for many years.
So, Agava isn't only saving nature from overproduction, but is also helping people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Agava's story, as that of any successful business project, started from the most important thing – the research. Having a successful launch of SovaMax and Eminia behind their shoulders, the team decided to expand in a new direction. A business in the area of sports equipment seemed promising. Firstly, the market is huge, secondly, it's steadily growing in the wake of the healthy lifestyle trend.

Five experienced managers were actively studying this market for several months. In order to not spread too thin, they decided to focus on one direction – cycling. Today, Agava is primarily dealing with purchasing and selling bicycles and repair parts from the world-famous brands: Shimano, Sram, Giant, Cube, Felt, Specialized, etc.

Upon settling on the cycling market, the project expanded its activity and started dealing with the equipment for winter sports, fishing, and urban sports. Despite seasonality, the team believes they can occupy these niches, too. They have everything to make it happen: a working business model, experience, and an excellent team.

Despite the fact that Agava Trading team has 22 people, it constantly increases the turnover – over 7,100 deals in 2020 with a sales volume of 2,000,000 euros – and is entering new markets. The achievement of such results is possible due to the young and energetic team and a unique IT system.

Every year, the employees that show the best results go on business trips to the biggest cycling exhibition Eurobike in Friedrichshafen or Munchen Messe Winter Sports in Munich dedicated to winter sports. The team meet with customers face to face, gain experience, and meet new potential wholesalers from every corner of Europe.
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