There can be no effective work without resting☝

Not only we are against overproduction, but we have arranged zones in our office, where one can switch from their work and get their thoughts together. We are convinced that companies investing in the comfort and health of their employees win twice. A happy employee = a happy client. Here are some of the things we did:
▪️ Cafeteria

The way to a person's heart is through their stomach. So, if you urgently need a colleague, but they're nowhere to be found, there's an 80% chance that they're savoring a croissant with a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. This is why we have equipped 100 m2 on 2 floors with everything necessary.
▪️ Chamber of secrets

This is a magical room, where you can either eat a pizza without sharing it with your colleagues or have a private talk far from unwanted ears or have a poker tournament. Maybe.
▪️ Library

A small but very important location, where everyone will find their piece of mental food. We have literature to fit every taste – over 100 books dedicated to negotiating, personal development, and business.
▪️ Chill-out zone

This is the highest and most popular place in our Grafit Tower – 9th floor. Beanbags, board games, chess, TV, relaxing music, boxing gloves for beating a punchbag named Grisha, some training equipment, and two massage chairs. This is where you will most likely find your colleagues that you can't find in any other place.
▪️ Conference hall

The most beautiful place of the office with a panoramic view of Chisinau. When there are no important meetings or events, you can flee to this room and let your eyes enjoy the beauty outside or make several serious business selfies at the table or next to the logo.
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