We want you to be reason №5 when you come to our interview :)
1. No experience? No problem.

We have a special type of business in the area of sales and purchases of surplus production across territories of the European Union and USA.

No one teaches to do this business. Our managers were learning from scratch, gained experience, and started to earn good money without leaving anywhere.

We created an internal training program that helps shaping up within a short time and get results: first sales, bonuses, and the drive of doing it right.

2. We value our employees.

We believe that taking care of our employees manifests through working conditions that we provide, in the first place. What do we mean?

· Precise working schedule: 9am to 9pm on weekdays, without overtime;

· Bi-weekly payments without setbacks;

· We pay an official, "white" salary;

· We cover annual medical examinations in MedPark for managers that have been with us for at least 3 years;

· We provide fitness subscriptions;

· Office located in the center of the city: simple to get to and go home from;

· Spacious parking lot with over 40 spaces for managers;

· Foreign language studies in Grafit Language School.

3. Office isn't just a place for work.

Our office isn't only a comfortable place for work, but for relaxation, as well. During breaks or at the end of the business day, our colleagues can relax in our lounge zone on the 9th floor that has massage chairs, a large board game selection, a pull-up bar, a "Herman" punching bag to let the steam out, and comfortable beanbags to rest after sparring with Herman or a client.

Colleagues, who love productive relaxation, can take advantage of our in-house library that features over 150 books on business, negotiations, and sales.

Moreover, you can have your lunch in our two-floor food zone with infinite coffee, tea, and everything necessary for a lunch or snack.

4. You will become better with us!

Nowadays, it's important to not just work hard, but to evolve as well. This is why we send our managers to online and offline training courses at the company's expense and invite experts with lectures in the areas of sales and management to our office on a regular basis.

Two years ago we launched our own language school – Grafit Language School. Any one of our employees can enroll to it and improve their knowledge of foreign languages or learn a new one. Best course students learn for free.
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