Two of the most important questions an employee has on a new job: what their growth perspectives are and what their earning possibilities are. All of our processes are transparent and, if a newbie approaches a manager with a question, "How do I earn $1,000 a month?" they are going to get a clear answer about what they have to do and when that will happen. And, most importantly...

It's possible to get $1,000 a month or more after a year of work. How?
First of all, it's necessary to go through training and probe into the product specificity. Secondly, it's important to show first results. Thirdly, an employee's revenue consists of the pay rate and bonuses that can grow depending on the results and position. Let's assume that you know one of the European languages, passed the interview, and got hired in Grafit Holding with an ambition to become a director of one of the projects. This is what our career ladder looks like:

Junior manager (3-6 months)

  • Goes through a free training program
  • Gets a pay rate
  • Processes the client base by phone
  • Achieves first successes
  • Builds ambitious plans

Manager (up to 9 months from the moment of hiring)

  • Receives a sales/purchases plan and a commission for an accomplished plan
  • Continues to work with clients on the phone
  • The revenue grows by 70%
  • Gets a fitness club membership as a bonus, if wants to attend

Advanced manager (1 year)

  • Revenue grows by 16%
  • Sales plan and the size of commission increases
  • Continues to work with the client base on the phone

Experienced manager (1 year)

  • Commission size increases
  • Revenue grows by 21%
  • No longer works on the phone

Customer relations manager (1 year)

  • No calls
  • Manages a team of managers
  • Revenue grows by 12%
  • Trains and directs the team

Department manager

  • Commission size increases
  • No calls
  • Free annual medical examination in Medpark
  • Enchants the team and inspires everyone around to execute the plan by 150% merely by their presence

Then it's the Big League. The employee becomes the project's vice president and then its director. They are appointed individually. All of the above isn't just a list, but rather a real opportunity to build a career. Every Grafit Holding top manager has gone through this path and achieved success in their homeland.
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